Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater Pocket Watch

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外壳是以18K黄金制作, 外壳直径有55毫米的高度,



三问机械手表的复杂化,分钟中继器铃声三种不同的声音; 低音的时间,四分之一



万年日历显示“永久”的正确日期,与闰年协调长短的月份周期。 它那复杂的机制包括凸轮,跳针弹簧和棘轮,能够区分30至31天的月份,闰年


This Patek Philippe Pocket Watch comes in 18K Yellow Gold Case of diameter 55mm. Features include perpetual calendar, moon phase and minute repeater. Movement : Manual Winding


A repeater is a complication in a mechanical watch that chimes the time on demand by activating a slide-piece. Minute repeaters chime three different sounds; the hours with a low tone, the quarter-hours by a sequence of two tones and the minutes by a high tone


The perpetual calendar shows the right date “perpetually”, coordinating the cycle of long and short months with the leap years. It is a complex mechanism of cams, jumper springs and ratchets that puts a load on the movement. The mechanism distinguishes between months of 30 and 31 days, and leap year. 

  • Pre-Owned 
  • Dial : White Dial with counters for Day, Date, Month and Moon phase
  • Case Size : 55mm  
  • Movement : Winding
  • Exterior Condition : 90% 
  • Come with a watch gift box

A pre-owned Contemporary time-piece.


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