Introducing the Rolex Tru Beat 6556, manufactured and produced in the era of 1950. an exceptional mechanical self-winding watch that many considered unappealing in its era, sadly leading to its decline. Today, watch enthusiasts around the world wants a peek of it in action. What is it makes it so intriguing and complicated to the watch community now?

For a Self-Winding mechanical watch, the perception on the movement of the second hand is supposed to be moving in a smooth and graceful circular sweeping motion. Instead in model 6556, it moves at a constant rate in a ticking or jumping motion, emulating the hand movement of a quartz watch. 

The Jumping Second also known as  “dead-beat” seconds mechanism is the Complication caliber 1040 produced by Rolex for only a very short time. Its purpose was to act as a solution for doctors, healthcare workers or medical professionals, to allow them to accurately measure the pulse rates of their patients. It was discontinued five years later.

Not many, especially the piece still running with Caliber 1040 are available. This piece is a catch for Rolex Collector. A piece where Auction House will be going after.

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